"Lynne was instrumental in breaking things down for me, teaching me how to warm up professionally (I still use her warm up recordings before gigs now), create a seamless bridge between my standard singing voice and falsetto but most importantly she gave me the confidence to get onto large stages and sing effortlessly, something which I still pool from today. 

Lynne is a staunch professional in her application but delivers her training with an amiability which leaves the student at ease and able to break down barriers easily - I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to best use their vocal, she will almost certainly get the best out of what they've got to begin with."

Jamie Parisio
Singer/songwriter, Spearhead records.


“Pharyngeal is my default voice thanks to Lynne. Out of all the teaching I had Lynne’s technique methods helped me the most”.

Maddie Cole singer

“Lynne is a great vocal coach and I am progressing vocally in technique and range. Despite having numerous lessons from an early age I found I was still straining my voice which affected my tone and range. I enjoy lessons with her as she is patient and has a personal touch that makes me want to learn. I can certainly hear the difference and would definitely recommend her to singers of any level.”

Kelly Donovan
Singer Songwriter.


“Big thanks to Lynne for so much help in massively improving my voice technique. I found her style of teaching not only interestingly educational but she made the lessons fun too”

Steve Leeds
Singer, (Go,Go,Go) Nickelodeon Jnr TV.